Hail Damage

One of the leading causes of roof damage is hail. Hail damage is hard to see unless you get up on the roof yourself.  That’s where you want an experienced storm damage specialist.  We will carefully inspect each section of your roof and all elevations of your home to assess and document any damage that exists.  If there is no damage we will gladly tell you that too.

We also look at every other part of your roof, including the siding, the roof vents, and the sealant around skylights to make sure nothing had been damaged there. Any small amount of hail damage can later lead to worse damage that’s much more costly to repair.

Storm Damage Assistance

As storm damage specialists, Kemendo Roofing and Construction Co. will provide an extensive initial inspection of your property to see if damages meet or exceed the criteria used by insurance companies to warrant filing a claim.

We have vast experience in storm damage repair and excellent relationships with adjusters at most every insurance company.

In the complicated world of insurance claims, most adjusters would prefer

for the contractor that will be completing the repairs to meet with them during their initial inspection. This allows the adjuster and the contractor to agree on the scope of repairs needed and simplify the claims process for the homeowner greatly.

Should you designate Kemendo Roofing and Construction Co. as your contractor, we will ensure that your claim and resulting construction project will be paid for properly by the insurance company, constructed to the highest specifications in the industry and completed in a timely manner.

Your insurance company hires professional adjusters to represent them.  You should hire a professional roofing contractor to perform for you!